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What Does the Future Holds for the Motorist?

We all love the sound of a V8 and the feeling you get when the car surges forward accelerating, as you red line it through every gear. Gas guzzler cars are on the way out and the focus has been on economy since the turn of the century, while performance hasn’t suffered.

Electric Vehicles

EVs are most definitely the future, most auto manufacturers have a line of e-cars and in a few years, they will begin to phase out the internal combustion engine, which will be a milestone in the race to save the planet. While EVs don’t have an engine as such, you will still need car repair in Carshalton, some things never change.

Emerging Tech

Some bad news, you will be logged into the grid as soon as you put the keys in the ignition and your speed and direction will be monitored by AI. The days of finding an open road and giving your car a blowout are over; as soon as your car exceeds the speed limit, the offence has been logged and the automatic fixed fine penalty is issued.

Driverless Cars

Yes, they are here and it won’t be long before these autonomous vehicles are commonplace; The Internet of Things will control all vehicles, thanks to 5G and AI and in theory, that will be the end of traffic accidents.


People-carrying drones are already at the prototype stage, with a few already on the market and automated drones will pick up the logistics ball. Amazon are currently testing drone delivery in some parts of the US and we’ll soon get used to seeing them buzzing around.

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