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Dirt Bike Graphics: How to Select the Best Graphics for Your Bike

The work of dirt bike graphics is to make your bike look great. Apart from the aesthetics, dirt bike graphics are also functional. The good thing is that numerous companies produce custom graphics, sticker kits, and decals for dirt bikes. Therefore, if you need one for your bike, you will not have difficulty getting it. When choosing dirt bikes graphics, there are several options and a few factors to consider. It is easy and affordable to install, allowing you to personalize your bike and protect its surface. In this article, you will learn more about dirt bike graphics and how to choose the best.

Dirt Bike Graphics Explained

Dirt bike thick graphics are decals or stickers installed in the bike’s plastics. These graphic sets are designed to fit the bike model and year. Knowing that a wide range of graphic kits come in different designs, colors, and sizes is essential. Some kits cover only the plastic parts of the bike, while others are designed to protect the whole bike.

These graphics are made by cutting vinyl sheets with a laser into pre-designed designs and layouts. They come in different designs, finishes, and thicknesses. The available thickness mainly varies between 32 to 812 microns for heavy materials and 12 to 300 microns for lightweight materials. Generally, the thicker the material used to design the graphics, the more wear-resistant and expensive. Yet, the more difficult it is to install. Some graphics, like the one around the tank section, are perforated to prevent bubbles and let gas fumes dispel freely.

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Graphics

If you want to get the best graphics that suit your bike, there are several points you should consider. We have compiled what you should look at when picking dirt bike graphics.

  • Material Thickness

When selecting dirt bike graphics, the first and most crucial thing is checking material thickness. As mentioned, the thickness of the material determines how resistant it is to wear, the price, and the installation process. The best graphic kit uses a material of 16 mil thickness or more. Anything below that means the graphics are cheap and will not withstand wear for a long time. Since graphics are functional, choose a thick material to protect the plastics from scratches.

  • Appropriateness of Bike Model

Graphic kits are also designed based on the bike’s model and year. This difference impacts how the graphics will be laid and cut to match the plastics. So, know your bike model and year and choose the suitable graphics kit.

  • Design Custom Graphics

The good news is that it is possible to customize dirt bike graphics. For a fully customized look, alter or redesign the graphics to suit your needs. Many graphics companies let you redesign or modify the kits to your liking.

  • Read Reviews

It is always advisable to read reviews before buying the graphics. Check reviews on installation easiness, fitment, and wear. They will help you determine the quality of the kit. Make sure you know the material thickness before buying.

Buy Your Dirt Bike Graphics Today

Dirt bike graphics offer an excellent way of personalizing your bike’s appearance. They also make your bike stand out from the rest. They are easy to install, affordable, and long-lasting, depending on the material thickness you choose. All in all, consider these points to ensure you select the best dirt bike graphics.

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