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What Are the Main Dangers When Riding a Motorcycle?

Riding motorcycles has always been a dangerous pastime, and at least for the foreseeable future, there will always be a big risk involved with taking to the roads on two wheels. Bikes have become faster, yet the braking systems are much more effective, and with handling receiving a big boost by better tyres and well-balanced machines, it is safer to ride today than ever before.

Lack of Visibility

When riding a motorcycle, it is imperative that other road users can see you, which is why you should always have your lights switched on, plus you can wear a reflective vest that will help other road users to be aware of your presence. Riding on unlit roads at night can be very dangerous, and most riders mistakenly think they can easily be seen, when in some cases, the opposite is true. If you are thinking of riding a Yamaha motor in Sydney, make sure that you are visible to other road users at all times.

Speed Kills

We’ve all heard this saying, and it is very true when riding a motorcycle, and it doesn’t matter how good a rider you are, if you are travelling at high speed, other motorists are unlikely to see you coming up behind them, and that is a recipe for disaster. Modern bikes are very powerful and can reach speeds in excess of 200 kph, so you must resist the temptation to go faster than the legal speed limit. Also, travelling fast means you have less time to react when the situation in front of your suddenly changes.

Wet Roads

Probably the biggest single factor that causes motorcycle accidents, when riding in the wet, you must take the utmost care, especially when negotiating bends in the road. Roads that have been dry for a few weeks can become very slippery after a sudden downfall, so do take care when it rains. Of course, your tyres should have more than adequate tread for wet weather riding, as worn tyres greatly increase the risk of coming off the bike.

Wearing Unsuitable Clothing

If you go out in the summer in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, then you are inviting trouble, as even a low-speed spill would cause you serious skin damage. You should always wear a thick jacket and trousers when out on your bike, along with a good crash helmet, gloves and suitable footwear, which will offer you a degree of protection should the worst happen.

Alcohol and Bike Riding

Alcohol + motorcycle riding = an accident, so you should make a point of avoiding alcohol when out on your bike. If you really must drink beer with your buddies, stick to alcohol free beer, which tastes like beer but without the alcohol. You need all of your faculties about you when riding a motorcycle, so avoid all mind-altering substances, as they could literally be the death of you!


Many bike accidents are caused by complacency, either on the part of the rider, or the other motorists, and one can never ‘assume’ anything. You may be waiting at a T Junction and the car approaching has their indicator flashing to turn left, yet they may carry on in a straight line, and if you pulled out based on the assumption the car was going to turn left, a collision is likely.

If you are careful and ride safely, there’s no reason why you should encounter any issues, providing you have taken all of the above into account.

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