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Football and everything to know about the game


Football is a common game that has been in existence for decades now. The sport is made up of teams. Each team has 11 players. Out of the 11, one is a goalkeeper. This means that 10 are outfield players. Outfielders are normally responsible for defending, attacking, or doing both. The goalkeeper on the other hand is there to guard the goal. Football is a very interesting game with many fans.

Countries that play football

Almost all countries from across the world have a football team. It is estimated that; football is being played by over 250 million people from all over the world. Football is very popular in regions such as Europe, South America, and even Africa.

The rules of the game

If you are making a บอลวันนี้ analysis, you will have to consider the rules of the game. Football mainly has 17 rules known as the laws of the game. Those rules were laid down by the international football association (IFAB). Since the rules were put in place, they have been modified slightly with factors such as age, disabilities, and gender into account.

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