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How To Become A Sports Psychologist

I’m a sports psychologist and I wanted to take the time to write a post about how to become a sports psychologist.

The reason I wrote this post is that there is a lot of debate about this field. Like, who is a qualified sports psychologist? How did they get their education? What degrees do you need to obtain to become a sports psychologist? Is it a big industry?

So I thought I would do a post on what a sports psychologist needs to do to be qualified.

What Is A Sports Psychologist?

To be a Sports Psychologist you must have a minimum of an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology at Australian university and have completed 12 months of supervised clinical work. To be a Sports Psychologist, you need to have this degree in clinical psychology, because this is the primary specialty. That’s what they want to focus on. They want to understand why athletes fail, want to understand what can they do, and how do they help the athlete? But there are other requirements.

Most of the sports psychologists that you see have Doctorates of Education. This is because most of the people that come to the ข่าวบอลวันนี้  field, they are teachers, or coaches. So the way that they get into this field is through education. Because they have to teach your mind to be better, in order to be a sports psychologist. But you need to understand that there is no minimum requirement for becoming a sports psychologist.

How You Get Into The Field

The best way to become a sports psychologist is through the Edda Accreditation Program.

This is the program that most reputable sports psychologists use. This is not an exclusive program. Because it has many programs that come under it. But you have to go through this Edda Accreditation program to earn your Edda. To be accredited.

The Edda Accreditation Program has gone through some big changes. The program is bigger now. It’s like a BSPP Accreditation. It’s a bigger program, but it’s still the same program. The thing is that this program is open to anyone.

Once you’ve completed your education, you can go through the Edda website. And they will tell you which universities and what academic work is accepted.

The program takes 10 months to complete. The first month is an intake which is a big interview.

But the program has many components, and has lots of areas.

Here are some of the areas you have to be trained in to become a sports psychologist

-Client Assessment and Motivational Interviewing

-The Physiology of Behaviour and Performance

-The Sport Psychology Checklist and Psychometrics

-Sport specific problems


-Team Coaching

-Research Methodology and Ethics

-Clinical Skills Training and Evaluation

-Ethical Guidelines and Personal and Professional Development

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